Sparta Civic Center

A Great Place For Your Event. The Sparta Civic Center may be available to rent for your meeting or special event. If you are interested in renting the Sparta Civic Center, please fill out the Rental Reservation Request below.

Available to Rent

Sparta Civic CenterLocated at: 75 N Union St. NW, Sparta, MI 49345
Mailing Address: 156 E Division St. NW, Sparta, MI 49345

The Sparta Civic Center is a great place to host your wedding reception, bridal shower, business meeting, and more! Located in close proximity to Sparta’s downtown, the Sparta Civic Center offers a full prep kitchen, free on-site parking, and easy access to Rogers Park.

Included in the rental are 175 quality chairs, 22 round tables (6'), 5 long rectangular tables (30" by 8'), 2 short rectangular tables (30" by 6'), and 20 cocktail style tables (30").

Alcohol is allowed at your event only upon submission of proof of proper insurance to cover liability.

If you are interested in renting the Sparta Civic Center, please fill out the rental inquiry below.

Steps to Make a Civic Center Rental Reservation Request

Step 1) Check the Civic Center Rental Calendar on this page to find an open date and time (choose a date and time not already reserved).

Step 2) Use the Online Form Shown Below to submit your reservation request. Your request will route to Civic Center administration at Village of Sparta offices.

Step 3) If the Date and Time You Request Is Available, You Will Receive Instructions By Email to make payment and confirm your reservation.

Step 4) Follow the Payment and Confirmation Instructions You Receive.

NOTE: Your reservation will NOT be completed until you complete payment and confirmation.

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Civic Center Rental Rates

Building Rental Costs:

Monday through Thursday……………………...$100
Friday (day or night) rentals………………..…..$400
Saturday (day or night) rentals………………..$400

If you are interested in reserving the building for set-up purposes only, you may do so one day prior to the event at an additional fee of $100 if the building is available.

After filling out the Rental Reservation Request form, please fill out the Civic Center Lease Agreement and turn it in to Village Hall.

***A $200 security deposit is due with the Civic Center Lease Agreement***

Rent must be paid with village office no later than the Thursday one week before the event. For example, if an event is taking place on a Saturday, the rental fee is due no later than the Thursday the week prior (9 days before the event). When paying the deposit renters will be provided a specific due date for the rent. Failure to pay the rent on time will result in cancellation of the event without return of the deposit.

Civic Center Rental Calendar

Event dates and times shown on this calendar are reserved. To reserve a new event, please choose a date and time not already reserved.