Finance Office and Transparency

Here find information about Village finances, taxes, fiscal transparency, and duties of the Village Treasurer and Finance Director.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax bills are paid at both Village Hall and at the Township Hall.

Taxes for the Village are collected once a year and paid at Village Hall. Township and county taxes are collected twice a year and are paid at the Township Hall.

For permanent residences (PRE) the millage rate is 38.7234

For non-permanent residences, commercial, industrial, or vacant property (Non-PRE) the millage rate is 56.7234

2020 Water & Sewer Rate Information

There will be changes taking place with the water and sewer bills beginning January 1, 2020. For more information on these changes please click on the link for the information sheet below. You can also check out the FY 2020 budget document on the right side of this page for additional information.

The Village is anticipating completion of a comprehensive Water & Sewer Rate Study to be completed in early 2020 which will include public meetings and feedback opportunities for the public. This is being completed in conjunction with the Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) Program as required by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).

The Village Treasurer and Finance director is responsible for managing the financial aspects for the Village. The Village Treasurer is tasked with receiving all money belonging to and receivable by the Village. The Treasurer also keeps accounts for all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer has charge over all money, bonds, mortgages, notes, leases, and evidences of value belonging to the Village.

Information regarding property taxes can be found Here.

Village Revenue Sharing Program Reporting

For the Village to be eligible for 100% of its statutory revenue sharing it must post the following information to the Village website.

1. Village Incentive Program Certification Form
2. Citizens Guide to Local Finances
3. Perfomance Dashboard
4. Debt Service Report
5. Projected Budget Report

Yearly Fiscal Budgets

Financial Audit Information

The Village has an annual audit of all funds performed by Siegfied Crandall.

Freedom of Information Act Resources

For all non Police Related FOIA questions please contact - Julius Suchy, Village Manager.

If you have a Police Related FOIA question please contact Police FOIA Coordinator - David Price

Finance Office Contact Information

Treasurer & Finance Director: David Carpenter

156 E. Division St.
Sparta, MI 49345

Phone:(616) 887-8251
Fax:(616) 887-1114
Email: David Carpenter