Planning and Zoning

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Village of Sparta Planning Commission

The purpose of the Planning Commission is to prepare and adopt physical plans for the Village and review development proposals, both private and public as set forth in the Michigan Zoning Act, MCL 125.3801 et seq. The Planning Commission also acts in an advisory capacity for matters referred by the Village Council. The Planning Commission reviews the preliminary Capital Improvement Plan.

The Planning Commission meets at 7:00 pm on the first Monday of each month. The meetings are held at the Sparta Civic Center, located at 75 N Union Street, Sparta, MI 49345.

2023 Meeting Schedule:​

  • January 3, 2023*
  • February 6, 2023
  • March 6, 2023
  • April 3, 2023
  • May 1, 2023
  • June, 5, 2023
  • No Meeting July 3rd* Due to Holiday
  • August 7, 2023
  • Cancelled September 5, 2023*
  • October 2, 2022
  • November 6, 2022
  • December 4, 2022
*Denotes meetings moved due to a holiday.

Village of Sparta Code Enforcement Plan

In 2017 the Village Council adopted the first Code Enforcement Plan. This plan was developed, and adopted by the Village Council, to guide code enforcement efforts within the Village of Sparta. This plan was most recently updated in September of 2022. This plan was developed so that residents and property owners can understand the process and ensure that all issues are dealt with in similar fashion. This consistency will allow the Village to more appropriately handle code enforcement complaints and violations. The Village will review this document and update as necessary to ensure it is the best plan for the Village of Sparta.

Staff at the Village of Sparta has also created a code enforcement supplement document that outlines the most common code enforcement violations.

Should residents have any questions or concerns related to either document or about code enforcement, please do not hesitate to contact staff at Village Hall.

Click the links below to to review both documents.

Village of Sparta Economic Development Strategy

Participants in the Michigan Department of Economic Development (MEDC) Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) program strive to “distinguish themselves from others by having a clear strategy that describes how they intend to attract development, build tax base and create jobs.

The Village of Sparta is participating in the RRC program, and this Economic Development Strategy is focused on specific actions the Village can take to achieve the economic development outcomes described in this document.

Please take a moment to review the following document.

Ordinance #20-01 Adopted

Chickens, Backyard Chickens On Monday, September 14, 2020, the Village Council of the Village of Sparta, Michigan, adopted the following ordinance:

#20-01 - An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 10 "Animals" and Chapter 82 "Zoning" of the Sparta Village Code of Ordinances to Allow for the Keeping of Chickens in the Village.

The new ordinance amendments will take effect on October 23, 2020. Please click below for a copy of this ordinance.

Please note that chickens will only be allowed when the proper permits have been submitted and approved and the enclosure meets the requirements of the ordinance.

Zoning Ordinance

For information on the Village of Sparta Zoning Ordinance and the requirements for each zoning district please click the link below to access our Zoning Ordinance.

Important Village Council Ordinances

HighlightsThe Village of Sparta Planning Commission and Village Council have been busy reviewing and approving ordinance amendments and additions to try and be a business friendly community, but also protect the general interest of private property owners.

Ordinance #19-01: Prohibit Marihuana Establishments & Facilities (Regulatory). This ordinance prohibits marihuana establishments and facilities under the Sparta Code of Ordinances.

Ordinance #19-02: Prohibit Marihuana Establishments & Facilities (Zoning). This ordinance prohibits marihuana establishments and facilities under the Sparta Zoning Ordinance.

Ordinance #19-03: Amend Code of Ordinances to update Discharge over Street Language. This ordinance amendment updates the language related to prohibited materials or items that can be discharged on or over a public sidewalk or street.

Ordinance #19-04: Amend Trailer Ordinance. This ordinance amendment clarifies the parking of trailers in the industrial zoning district and include language allowing for small yard or mulch trailers under a certain size in residential districts.

Ordinance #19-05: Mobile Food Vending Units. As the Village has become busier with festivals and special events the need was created to create a program to regulate mobile food vending units that locate in the Village of Sparta. The ordinance was drafted to include language to protect brick and mortar restaurants and festivals/events from outside vendors as well as include language providing exemptions to church groups and other non-profit entities.

Please click the link below to see the ordinance language.

Meeting Agendas and Packets, Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes, Planning Commission

Planning and Zoning Information

Download Document:

2015 Master Plan Document (PDF)

Download Document:

Zoning Map (PDF)

The Village of Sparta is required to provide an annual report of its Planning Commission activities for each calendar year. This report is to fulfill Article II, Section 19 of Public Act 33 of 2008 (Michigan Planning Enabling Act). Click the links below to view these reports.

Download Documents:

2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report

Building Permit and Inspection

Building Permits and Inspections have CHANGED. The Village of Sparta recently hired Professional Code Inspections or PCI. PCI is a professional inspection firm that will handle all building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permitting, and associated inspections, within the Village.

Applicants seeking building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits will submit plans and permit applications to the Village offices. Permit fees will also be paid at the Village offices. All questions related to permits will be directed to PCI’s Dorr office. PCI can be contacted at (616) 877-2000 or by visiting their website:

How do I apply for site plan review?

1. Fill out a site plan review application. You can download the application from the link below this article.

2. Contact the Village Manager and discuss your proposed application. This will serve as a preliminary review to help iron out details of your plan prior to Planning Commission review.

3. Submit your completed application to the Village Manager at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting and pay the associated fee.

4. Attend the Planning Commission meeting for project review and potential approval.

*Refer to the Site Plan & Building Permit Process Flow Chart

Planning Commission Board Members

Robert Liscombe (Chairman) term expires 12/31/2023
Gary Moody (Vice Chair) term expires 12/31/2024
Emilie Henry, term expires 12/31/2023
Ryan Wolford, term expires 12/31/2023
Robert Whalen (Village President), term expires 12/31/2024
Robert Carlstrom (council rep), term expires 12/31/2024
Jon Braybrook, term expires 12/31/2023
Rose Frederick, term expires 12/31/2023
Christina Owens, term expires 12/31/2024

Planning and Zoning Contact

Planning and Zoning Administrator:

James Lower
156 E. Division St.
Sparta, MI 49345

Phone: (616) 887-8251
Email: James Lower