Public Works, Seasonal Services

The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides a wide range of seasonal services for the residents of Sparta including a leaf pick-up, brush pick-up, and a joint Village-Township Clean-up. The DPW will also replace any mailboxes or posts its plows damage while providing snow and ice removal within the Village.

More information about the seasonal services provided by the Village and DPW can be found at links below. Questions? Call us at 616-887-8251.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Miss Dig marking, please call Miss Dig at 800-482-7171 or visit their website at Miss Dig

Yes, the Village does a yard waste/brush pick up that begins in April and lasts until early October.

Yes, the Village does a loose leaf pick up that generally runs from early October until the end of November, weathering permitting.

Michigan Department of Transportation

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Comsumer Energy- Downed Power Line and Electric Safety

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DTE Energy- Report a Gas Leak

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