Village Staff Directory

Here is a directory of Village of Sparta staff members and departments ready to serve you.
Please let us know how we can be helpful.

Village Manager:
James Lower
Phone: (616) 887-8251
Email: James Lower

Code Enforcement Officer:
Deborah DeGroot
Phone: (616) 887-8251
Email: Code Enforcement

Finance Director/Treasurer:
David Carpenter
Phone: (616) 887-8251
Email: David Carpenter

Accounts Payable/Utility Billing Clerk:
Kristen Phelps
Phone: (616) 887-8251
Email: Kristen Phelps

Accounts Receivable/Payroll Clerk
Gina Macias
Phone: (616) 887-8251
Email: Gina Macias

Chamber of Commerce and
Downtown Development Authority
Elizabeth Morse
Phone: (616) 887-2454
Email: Elizabeth Morse

Chamber of Commerce Administrator:
Elizabeth Morse
Phone: (616) 887-2454
Email: Elizabeth Morse
Website: Chamber of Commerce

Department of Public Works:
Bill Hunter, DPW Director
Phone: (616) 887-9303
E-mail: DPW Director

Sparta Fire Department:
Dan Olney, Fire Chief
Phone: (616) 887-0900
Email: Fire Chief

Sparta Police Department:
Andrew Milanowski, Chief of Police
Phone: (616) 887-8716
Email: Sparta Police Chief

Water Department:
Bill Hunter, DPW Director/Water Superintendent
Phone: Billing, work orders,
or on/off requests: (616) 887-8251
Water Treatment questions: (616) 887-0854
Email: Sparta Water Dept.

Waste Water Treatment Plant:
Rob Smith, Waste Water Superintendent
Phone: (616) 887-8711
Email: Rob Smith

Aviation/Airport Manager:
Mike Krzciok, Airport Manager
Phone: (616) 887-5744
Email: Mike Krzciok